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The Residential Resort at Newport City is classified as a resort-like condominium that offers a quiet and relaxing residential enclave for its future condo unit owners. Therefore, you can also expect resort-like amenities offered here to ensure that you can maximize this experience. At the same time, it adds value to your investment because you can enjoy amenities typically found in high-end resorts right at your own home. 

The Residential Resort at Newport City is part of a 3-cluster building that forms the entire Newport City complex. This building is the third one from this cluster. Hence, you can expect to enjoy highest level of privacy as this area is accessible only to residents and authorized guests of unit owners. The exclusive feeling within the condominium complex is made possible by the gated entrance to the complex. There are security personnel available at the entrance gate to ensure that only those who are authorized can enter the premises of the condominium complex. Aside from enjoying the sense of exclusivity, one distinctive advantage that this setup has to offer is in terms of the security of the unit owners. You can have peace of mind and feel at ease knowing that you are safe, and so is your property.

In addition to a gated entrance, The Residential Resort at Newport City also boasts of having landscape features and palm trees lining the pathwalks. The palm trees and green landscaped areas are also complemented by exquisite water features. Thus, it truly creates a sense of being in a resort the moment you walk into the condominium complex. It is a great view to wake up to in the morning or to greet you at the end of an exhausting day. The lush landscape and water features inspire a sense of relaxing atmosphere that is truly a welcome sight for busy individuals.

The water features are not just limited to the water fountains that are added for aesthetic purposes. You can also have two types of pools at The Residential Resort at Newport City. The first one is a swimming pool that you can swim in to exercise or to cool off on a hot summer’s day. The other one is a lounge pool. You can sit on the pool to unwind after an exhausting week at work while enjoying a refreshing drink on hand. The swimming pool is well maintained so you can swim or lounge in confidence. 

In fact, there is also a children’s swimming pool, which showcases how this property is suited for families too. The children’s pool area also features fun facilities such as slides. Hence, the kids will feel like they are in a resort. However, you won’t have to drive to get there because the pools are located within the condominium complex. There are changing rooms near the swimming pool area to make it convenient when you want to get changed. You won’t have to go back and forth to your unit to get ready to swim. 

Aside from these recreational facilities, there are also world-class building features available at The Residential Resort at Newport City These building utility features include automatic water sprinkler systems, basement parking, housekeeping services, overhead water tank, underground cistern for extra water supply, standby power, and more.

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